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car hire one way

rick: today we launched a new super -- two on your side. it will help you resolve issues or disputes. pat: a warning for people looking to make extra cash. some are using an app much like air being the to run up their cars.

things are wrong for thousand oaks man and he reached out to two on your side's kristine lazar and she's here now with more on that warning. reporter: it was a mess for him. on his web site the company said in bold print that you are covered if you rent out your

carpet the company promises to pay your claim quickly if something goes wrong. two on your side found that's not always the case. week after week adams said he has e-mailed or called the customer service department for a company called turow and we

got someone on the line he was told they'd call him back. after this happened four or five times they said i've been told that now five times and i haven't received a phonecall. i don't believe anymore. reporter: touro is like a airbnb for cars.

car rentals by local hosts treat he signed up to rent out his 2014 white bmw. i just bought a new car. i had my old car and there was opportunity to potentially make $50 a day running it now. report of the first time he did it he said the experience was

seamless. the second and last time. you see the broken glass. reporter: it was a mess. they were broken bottles and cigarette loves and marijuana joints ashes. reporter: the car was returned after clearly being in an

accident. the front end was smashed. one tire was flat and the driver was nowhere to be found. he then left the car without the key. k. was understandably upset but not panic because when he signed up to use turow he said he

selected a plan with the most coverage. on the web site the premium plan that is advertised as covering physical damage up to $125,000. with the zero deductible and exterior wear and tear coverage. there was a scratch and there was a

car everything 100%. reporter: everything seemed to be running smoothly until he said the insurance adjuster told him his claman claim it to be sent back to the company for approval. weeks passed.

kay said when he called customer service he was told he had to speak with the claims department. naturally i would say okay great can i speak to someone that claims department. we don't have a way to transfer you.

they don't have phones. reporter: after waiting two months for results k. called to one your side we found this isn't the first time churro has had questions about its insurance coverage. back in 2013 churro, the city of new york ordered the company to

stop the working mistake calling the insurance it legal and in a quiet -- inadequate. two undersides reached out to touro based in san francisco to find out what the holdup is on kay's bmw. a the spokesperson issued a statement saying the normal

turnaround for a claim is one business day. the statement went on to say the situation wasn't unfortunate anomaly and does not represent our standard practices and service levels. several major insurance companies and some of them say

if you rent out your car through touro and don't contact them first your personal policy could be in jeopardy. the insurance information institute advises drivers to always check with their insurance first before they sign up to car share.

we do have good news to report. touro has assured us that they are now going to pay his claim in full and decay will finally get the bmw fixed because he certainly can't sell it like that. pat: i guess he won't be using touro again.

reporter: i think he will try to find money another way. pat: by the way we want to ask you can two on your side help

car hire one way
rent a car one way one such website, you e-mail us at two on your side that is with your problem running twitter users.

car hire reviews

the volvo fh16, volvo's new truck for heavylong-haul operations, has been tested in the toughest of all environments: australia. overa period of two days, it was put through its paces by journalists brian weatherley andsteve brooks, both of whom have many years of experience in the transport industry. australia's operating conditions are demandingin many ways: the distances are vast, the roadsare challenging, the speed limits are high and the payloads are heavy. the long distancesmean that australian drivers average five nights a week in their trucks, which imposes high demandson in-cab working conditions and after-work comfort.

comprehensive tests of the new fh series were carried out in australia from the earliest developmentphase. now however it was time for two highly experienced motoring journalists to see howthe new truck measures up on australian roads. the test vehicle was a 700 hp fh16 fitted

car hire reviews
car hire reviews,with a globetrotter xl cab. click here for more automotive news:

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car hire rental

hello! good to see you here. from time to time, we may need to rent a car. it might be because our own car is being repaired,or maybe we’ve flown somewhere and need a car there. so what do you need to know in order to rent a car? you need to communicate your needs and wants effectively. so let’s listen to some conversations aboutrenting a car and build up our vocabulary. don’t forget to practice the lines by pausing thelesson and repeating the dialog anywhere you want! it will help you build up your english fluency. so let’s get started!

hi, i would like to rent a car. what type of car would you like? what options do i have? well, we have all kind of cars available, from smallsize to suv’s. you just need to take your pick. alright. i’ll go with something in the middle much would a mid size car cost? it would cost you around $40 per day. alright. i’ll go with that then. how long do you need the car? i think a week or so. i’ll be staying in the cityfor a week and i’ll be needing it for commuting.

what’s your full name? it’s george atkins. where do you live? north carolina. do you have a valid driver’s license? yes. do you need anything else from me? yes. please sign the form. you can get the key from reception. how much would an suv cost? you can rent the suv for $100 per day.

wow! that's really expensive! what about the fuel? the tank is full. but you need to refill it beforereturning the car; otherwise we charge $5 per gallon. renting an suv is really an expensive deal.ummm, how would you like me to pay? we take credit cards only. okay, here’s my credit card. you can pick up your car from the garage downstairs. please remember to return the car by 5 pm tomorrow.we charge an additional $10 per hour after that. i would like to make a reservationfor the car at los angeles airport. when is your flight getting in?

i’ll be landing in la on april 20th in the evening. alright. under what name should i make the booking? perry johnson, please. alright. just to let you know, if you need to cancel the booking, please do it 24 hours in advance or you’ll be charged a day’s rental. i’ll keep that in mind. thank you! taking your pick is choosing whatyou want from a variety of options. you can take your pick of cars, flights,magazines, beverages, almost anything. traveling from one place to another repeatedly is commuting.

if you’re staying in a hotel and going back and forth to an office you’re commuting from the hotel to the office and back. a garage is what is specifically buildfor parking cars and other vehicles. your house may have a garage for your personal car, and theairport would have a much larger one for all the rental cars. when you make a reservation something’s set aside for means no one else will be able to use it a rental car may be reserved so that if you wantthe red bmw, no one else can take it first. hiring a car means renting a car. when you rent a car, you pay to use it for a temporaryperiod and you will have to return it after that. thank you for watching this lesson.we’ll be back with a new one tomorrow.

car hire rental

car hire rental,

do come back and watch it! did you like this lesson? please don’t forget to hit the like button! also comment below and let us know your questions see ya tomorrow!

car hire reno

(sn) time now for eyewitness news call 12 for action... a local couple called us for help after a rental car company charged them hundreds of dollars

more than they were expecting to pay. (ks) eyewitness news consumer reporter susan campbell joins us now with the details. that big bill happened at

the very end of a vacation.. the couple felt like had to pay it because they had to catch their flight home. weeks later - we were able to get them a refund. bill petrasek and his wife went on vacation to celebrate their fifth

they wedding anniversary. they rented a car and logged 16-hundred miles through california and nevada. along the way - capturing hundreds of memories... 17:36:38 it is just amazing.

this country has so much to see and we love going and seeing this country! :47 but when they returned their rental car at the reno airport...

their bill was way bigger than they expected.. 17:27:54 this is 968 dollars, is what i was expecting to pay. :57 so she hands me this when they're checking the car and says 1574. i said what?!

turns out - thifty charged them a 300 cleaning fee for cigarette smoke and a 200 dollar lost key fee - both charges for a rental car the couple had for less than a day.. at the very beginning of their trip. 17:28:10 i said that's not

right. that's not me. and she said well can't help you. :16 17:28:50 at this point, i'm getting aggravated. we don't smoke. you can'ttell me there's smoke damage in the car that we turned in

that we only had for 14 hours :58 and bill says he knows he didn't lose the key... because he drove the car back to the lot. 17:34:20 500 dollars! and i couldn't leave the airport w/o paying

after vacation - bill says he tried unsuccessfully to get his money back... when we got involved.. bill got his refund. 17:32:38 my bank statement came in 500 credit. :41 a representative from the hertz corporation - which

operates thrifty - sent us an email saying 'we apologize for the mishandling of mr. petrasek's rental and for the inconvenience caused to him. as promised, his refund was processed...' according to the federal trade commission - before

you book a rental car - you should check companies' policies on drop off fees and out of state charges. for more tips right now - go to our website, if you have a consumer problem you need help

solving - contact our call 12 for action center

car hire reno

car hire reno,monday thru thursday from 11 until 1 - our hotline is 228-1850. susan campbell -

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car hire quotes

why choose cebu rent a car? let me give youa couple of reasons why. first, we offer a variety of different vehicles comprises sedans,vans. second, we offer the cheapest rates for the best terms. third, we provide hourly,daily, weekly and monthly rental basis. fourth, all our vehicles are covered with third partyliability insurance and we also offer full coverage insurance. fifth, all of our vehiclesare well maintained through our company's

car hire quotes

car hire quotes,extensive preventive maintenance program.sixth, due to the tropical environment where we are located, all of our vehicles are equippedwith air conditioning for a comfortable rental experience. so remember if you're planningto travel cebu, cebu rent a car is your friendly choice. travel cebu now!

car hire queenstown

so we just made it to the south island, which is picton. we took the ferry, it was beautiful! we didn't think there was anything near our hostel, so we're getting fish and chips from a convenience store. we just got our new rental car. it's a little red hatchback, toyota corolla. so it's still our first day, and we stopped in nelson for a little bit. we actually picked up a hitchhiker, a fellow canadian. that's him. and i think we're just going to camp tonight.

we're kind of roughing it with dinner. it's like salami, apples, peanut butter and crackers, and a random egg. you know, camping life. it is day two of our road trip of the south island. we woke up a little bit ago, just packed the car up, going to head out. we're walking around abel tasman. we have probably about fifteen kilometres to walk today. we're almost done! so close to being done. it was a really easy walk to be honest. it is the morning of our third day of our road trip of the south island.

yesterday as we were driving back to town we saw a sign for a backpacking place. no dorms available, but we camped. we have to make up a lot of distance today. we gotta drive a lot... we started here... and then we came down here. all the way down to here. we're almost at westport. before, we were really inland.

but now we're on the coast, and we decided to pull over because it's really pretty. so today...i don't even know what day it is. fourth day of our little road trip. we're in franz josef glacier township. so we're going to go see some glaciers today.

car hire queenstown

car hire queenstown,and then make our way more south, to wanaka, that's where we're sleeping tonight. which is towards queenstown, because we're in queenstown for the weekend. and we're going to book skydiving today, for the weekend and ahhhh i'm so excited. it's cold!......well it is ice!

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car hire queenstown nz

hi everyone! today's new zealand faq answers the question: can i drive in new zealand? i'm jess, from sheldon and jess tv and if you are new here consider subscribing to our channel we do all kinds of cool travel videos including faqs but also other stuff as well so can you drive in new zealand? probably! there's no special permits that you need to drive in new zealand, if you have a full driver's license

from your home country, or you have an international driver's license the one small caveat to this is if you stay for longer than 12 months, in new zealand you do have to get a new zealand driver's license so with the topic of driving, there are a few things that we think you should know about driving in new zealand firstly, maps are super deceptive new zealand is extremely hilly and the roads are really windy and so on a map it might look like getting from

a to b is only going to take you an hour or two but it might end up taking you four or five hours just because of the route that it takes you to get to that place so a handy tip is to go onto, say, google maps or or a gps and check how long it is actually going to take you because if you think you're only going to drive for two hours and you have to drive for five hours you may miss out on an activity that you had planned to do or you might just get a little bit disheartened that

you're so tired because you ended up doing a lot more driving than you thought you were going to do that day the next thing to know is in new zealand we drive on the left side of the road and on the right side of the car and for some people, this is no big deal you do that in your home country but for people like me who grew up driving on the right side of the road, this can be a big adjustment and you will find that the first time you turn a corner

and you are in the wrong lane or when you go to get in the wrong side of the car driver's side or passenger's side for about the tenth time in a row so kind of coming back to my first point about the windy, hilly roads of new zealand not only does this make the distance deceptive it can actually be a little bit scary because a lot of the roads in new zealand are also quite narrow now people in new zealand are really used to these roads

so they can go quite quickly but if you are driving on the wrong side of the road, and, you know, and you're a little bit tired or you're just not comfortable driving in such narrow lanes just take your time, it's better to be safe than sorry the best thing that you can do is find a safe pull off to let the traffic behind you get going if they're a little bit antsy and want to go faster and, lastly, new zealand isn't like the scariest place

to drive in the world but, you know, if you're thinking maybe that's not the most comfortable or time efficient way for you to do it, there's lots of other options for transport when you come to new zealand there's buses, there's domestic flights, and there's even trains in some parts of the country that will get you from one location to another and another thing to take a complete load off your mind is to book a tour

often, they will arrange all the transportation for you they'll pick you up at your accommodation and drop you off wherever you need to be so, long answer short, if you have a full driver's license from your country or an international driver's license you can drive in new zealand but i hope that these other tips were were really helpful for you as well

and give you a little more understanding of what to expect when you're coming to new zealand

car hire queenstown nz

car hire queenstown nz,we really hope that you find these faq videos helpful like this video, share it with somebody you think will find it helpful also and we will see you next time!

car hire one way

rick: today we launched a new super -- two on your side. it will help you resolve issues or disputes. pat: a warning for people looking t...