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men sexual desires

i'll be back to help. honey, did you bring the wine? we still have lots to do -like what? just give me a hand. i wanted to get my hair done.

men sexual desires

i'm definitely taking a shower. are you okay? -yes which ones? those.

okay, so don't ask me then. did you bring my suit? -the blue one. you wanted the dark suit i figured you meant the blue one. yes, that's fine -it's the one you wanted, right? just relax, will you? watch the shaving cream. mom asked me to call her today. what? go ahead and call her but do it before alexandra and...

timo -right, alexandra and timo get here. they're not going to show. of course they will. they took another look at our picture and forgot to cancel. don't be silly. they're just late. julian here. hey, hello. yes? no, take a right at the riding school. yes, a right. okay, see you in bit. bye. i hope they look okay the pictures could be 10 years old.

nice house -did you have trouble finding it? were the directions easy to follow? -yes, they were fine. but you got lost -alex says it was my mistake. i said to the right, so he went left -i tend to get confused. i'll go get the luggage. shall i help you? gorgeous house. it's my parents' they're on vacation, so it's no problem. i'd like parents like that.

would you like meat or fish for dinner? fish would be nice -meat would be nice. well, then let's have the fish today.. -meat. and the meat tomorrow -fine. i'll get started. what was it you did again, julian? i'm in finance i'm an investment consultant. sounds like a responsible job -yes, it is. i, eh... isn't it frustrating to be dealing with other people's money?

no, not really. timo's an internist. at the radboud hospital. you must work long hours. julian -yes, i'm coming. will you do the snacks and the drinks? how is it in there? great. cozy i'd recognize diana from the photo, not you.

how do you mean? just different. you two look just like you do in the picture. so this is really your first time? we're very excited about it -welcome to the club. i can hardly remember our first time. that was so long ago. oh dear, i forgot the snacks. sorry. that's a nice skirt you're wearing -it's nothing fancy.

it looks good on you -thanks. you have a nice figure. am i making you nervous? where's the restroom? in the hall. it's cozy in here -isn't it? the best parties are in the kitchen -you're in my way. put that away. we'll do it later. shall i read your palm? -don't tell me you believe in that.

hands say a lot about people. well, i don't buy it -come on. who you are depends on how you were raised and your genes. lines, stars, tea leaves, whatever, have nothing to do with it. look, only two things count in life: power and love. what do you say? -you're a caring person. still waters... and repressed desires. you must be a cancer. you try to measure up to others.

you're struggling. alex, let's have some dinner -but with what? enjoy your meal. music. any preferences? i was only guessing, okay? enjoy, people. i want you to know i'm having a great time. good, i'm glad that's taken care of the fish looks delicious. so julian, you turned the scales.

yes, more or less. we fantasized about it -that's how it usually goes what usually goes like that?-usually it's the man who proposes it. women are more coy about their sexual fantasies. that's true -nonsense. yes, i was at a bookstore... and i'm looking at those sillyglossy women's magazines. and in bold letters, all the covers said was: sex, sex, sex. so i think women are catching up fast.

i know many women who aren't like that. plenty of them need lots of erogenous stimulation before they do anything. you are an erogenous zone -yes, i listen to my body and give in. and if he or she reacts in a way that makes me wet... i go for it. and that applies to timo as well, obviously. we discuss it openly. it's all about trust, communication and reflection. you want to know the best part? i've never been more faithful.

we sleep around without committing adultery. one time we were making love, and i pretended another woman was present. there was an obvious physical response. finally i introduced him to a girlfriend i had slept with in the past. on his birthday. that was some present. i'll never give up this freedom. does that turn you on? having sex with two women at the same time?

consider it done. no, i don't have anything against kids i work with kids. but i've seen so many people fail i don't want that. why do you think you'd fail? perhaps being a good parent is in your genes. we tell my parents we're having trouble getting pregnant to stop their nagging. this is not about your parents you decide. i bet julian and alex are having more fun. i'm not telling you to have children...

you don't have children, you're blessed with them. sorry, that's what i meant. listen, i don't know you very well, but i can already tell you're patient... you're kind and caring surely those are good qualities? that's nice of you to say, but you're right. you don't know me. besides i'd have less time for julian. our relationship is solid, i don't want to put it at risk. and doing this is not a risk? well..-or not?

sometimes. give me a hand, dear? a hand. now? how are things going? -i'm up for it. the time is not ripe yet, at least not for diana. you think? something's bothering her i don't think she's ready. i'll talk to her.

pour me a drink? you know they don't allow smoking. they're sitting by the fire it sucks out the smoke. wine for my wife. we didn't bring enough stuff -honey. what? -do me a favor. try to enjoy yourself. you're right. she's very pretty, isn't she? -yes.

and so are you. how shall we handle this? i don't know. i really don't. we'll see. okay? of course. no obligations. diana here. fine. everything's under control. i know. i'm sorry i didn't... i didn't forget, we had a lot to do today.

no, there's no one here. gotta go. julian's waiting. it's nice here, huh? so i'm no one? it was my mother she still thinks i'm sixteen. i lived at home too long -never on your own? my parents are a bit conservative -an only child? no, i have a sister, but i haven't seen her in years. she ran away from home -to be on her own?

to move to canada -whoa. will you look at that. that's decisive. don't feel obligated. only do it if you're ready for it. playing cards can be fun, too. you know the rules? couldn't we play another game? like strip poker maybe? or strip anything. i don't know this game -it's real simple.

anybody want a drink? -coke. wine. i'll give you a hand. what are we doing wrong? -who knows? they're not attracted to us at least not to me. what makes you say that? timo wants to play cards, and he's not bisexual, okay? they think we don't want to maybe you should loosen up. that's not very nice.

i feel fine, except for the phone call so what? there's nothing wrong with them. you were shaky too the first time. i just want to avoid an emotional sceneonce we're upstairs. let's wait and see -damned beginners. what? -nothing. we're out of wine. we miscalculated. something stronger maybe? -but i'm in the mood for wine. we have juice and soft drinks -isn't there a shop around here?

i could drive out to that shop -you've been drinking. timo hasn't. we can get acquainted. i'll drive you. well, i guess we're going be back in half an hour. any preferences? -wine. why don't you show alex the pool? the pool? jesus.

fucking hell. there's also a sauna. this house is amazing. i wouldn't mind unwinding a little bit you should, too. where do you turn it on? let me see... it also has ambient sounds. woods, rainforest and ocean. ocean.

sorry. don't apologize. get undressed. it has to warm up. by the way, on a first time... does it have to be terrific, or can nothing happen, too? why do you ask? having doubts? no, but i can imagine the tension getting so high... that you can't get it.. you know what i mean. i sure do, but don't worry it's the game that counts.

a sauna completely relaxes me. and a nice dip in the plunge bath -i always skip that part. what do your parents do? or is it old money? does swapping never bother you? no. never. my father works for a large multinational. he's on several boards. this is his hobby. architecture, landscaping, interior design.

architecture. so you never get jealous? -no. we'll have to see how it goes, how we do. you're doing just fine. i felt like you guys weren't interested -that's not true. we don't want to push. what? -do you ever wear your hair down? no, never -why not? i don't know. it doesn't look good.

timo likes you a lot. really? actually i do, too. it's too hot for me. your turn. let me check. no way. you bitch. no diving allow... can i use your cell phone? -i left it at your place.

my battery is dead -the girls can entertain themselves. i'm having a good timewe'll see what happens. hold the flashlight a date like this could also be a disaster. how long are you two doing it? -about four years now. it must be exciting -exciting? keeps a relationship interesting. don't do it to keep it interesting, and definitely not to save it. do you really want this? -excuse me?

we only just met, but diana seemsa little unsure about it. diana really wants this. only she's a bit nervous about it. so am i. and you? do you feel good about this? be sure about it. it's a shame if one of you is doing it just to please the other. we both really want to do it -light. can i ask you something? when you two sleep together... is it still exciting? -sure. i've known diana for 10 years, and only now do i know her fantasies.

that's why communication is so important. and reflection. we always say: keep reflecting. reflecting. you're excited by the idea of fucking alex later. but ask yourself how you'd feel about me with your wife? that's reflecting. do many people go to that club? about 1000 people every weekend -no, you must be kidding. that many? oh, yes -what kind of people go there?

people like you and me. we're notall blond bimbos like on jerry springer. most of them are 25 to 35 years oldbeautiful people, too. and you walk around in lingerie?-that's the dress code. but that's like a nude beach: at first you stare, and then you hardly notice it. you can have great sex there, if you're into it. we'll take you guys. diana is a little insecure. she worries about her looks, and well, everything. but not about this this is something different.

she's a very attractive woman. different from alex-quite different. alex is gorgeoustake a right up there. maybe that makes diana insecure-what does? women. thanks, i needed that. let me enjoy this first. i must be doing something wrong great house, man. but i doubt diana's parents are happy, and you are.

you have a point. it proves the old clic√£©: money can't buy you happiness. but a beautiful woman and some finewine, however... i'm not so sure. four euros? i bet we'll have hangovers in the morning. are you quite sure? coming? why don't you come out?-no. don't be so mean. i wish i could make time stand still.

to savor this moment. i wouldn't do that if i were youyou'll miss what's ahead. have you sorted it out yet?-sorted what out? about tonight whether you want to do it. timo and i. have you talked about it? not really, but it's okay... right diana? yes, i'm for it. timo? are you awake? wide awake.

wine? -i'm in the mood for something else. i have to go to the toilet. that looks hot. what's the matter? did you fall? what's wrong, dear? he slipped. are you okay?-i'm sorry. do you have any band aids?-yes, i'll ask diana.

we leave in the morning. i couldn't sleep-me neither. it's still a beautiful evening -still want to freeze the moment? want to talk about it? are you going to analyze me?it's okay, he was feeling ill this morning. give me a drag? i just thought of my parents. they would die. i'm so tired of being the good girl -you're not a good girl anymore.

as a kid they didn't let me do anything-what do you mean? no parties? makeup? wine at dinner? no nail polish, no allowance, no dance lessons. no boyfriends, no movies. no blue jeans -jesus. you have a lot to catch up with: grass, parties, booze, sex... who's doing the analyzing now-what?

never mind. you think you know me? a palm reading, some amateur psychology,and that's it? timo didn't fall. i had a good time tonight. thank you. i hope you guys solve it. cow. you okay?

let's sleep. full day tomorrow. good night-good night. do we have any eggs? you're up early-so are you. tea?-no. coffee. i was going to bring it to you. shall i take timo a cup of tea?-no, he takes coffee with lots of sugar. he's in the room by the stairs.

we leave after breakfast. good morning -hey, good morning. coming in? did you sleep well? -yes. i see you slept in the spare room-i do that when i don't feel well. that was your old room, i bet -yes, my parents keep it that way. are you feeling better? yes, i don't know what came over mei didn't want to bother anyone. have a good time?

coffee?-thanks. how's your hand? -a little sore. it'll be alright. that was nice i didn't make you wait long, did i? i'll go and change. hey, are you guys coming, or what? i'm starving. what shall we do today?-go to the woods? or we can go to the new exhibition at the museum. or a walk on the beach?-that's a 2-hour drive. i'll get coffee. how's your hand? shouldn't you have it looked at?

come here, please? well, that's it then-what do you mean? don't be so naive. can't you see what's going on with them? unbelievable -so tell me. what? you want to stay? we need to talk, but not here -and why not? if there's no more sex, you're gone. and you want to build an intimate friendship?

isn't that what we put in our ad? 'friendship and sex...' -bull. if i say a, you say b. and vice versa-what's with you? you don't take me seriously-you never speak up. they can.. -so what. see what i mean? i told you so. shit -should we say something? call me when it's over i'll be in the shower.

diana's coming. behave. i'm sorry about that timo and i are... sometimes i don't understand him... and he becomes very obstinate,which gets my back up and... i'm sorry. alex and i had a rough night. what happened last night?-nothing. you call that nothing? this isn't the right moment it's between alex and i.

the argument wasn't about you guys i wouldn't want you to think that. i mean, i think you guys are great. i think you're great. really. and, eh... tensions ran high yesterday... and then he can't get know. he gets that sometimes. but that's no problem. i'll be in the shower.

okay. what's up today? yes. surprise me. the woods? the beach? or stay here and swim-i don't think diana's up for that. perhaps a little damage control is in order. never mind, julian, i'll go it's my fault. he's good at it. let me be, honey.

can i come in? sorry, i thought it was julian. it's a typical girl's room. i could tell -everything by the book. maybe we shouldn't have come. yes, well, that's the risk you take... when you've never even met each other. you know, a blind date. oh no, it's not you. it's this game. the first time alex and i did this.. it was her idea.

she likes to get her way-i've noticed. i like that. i fell in love with her strength and her wild determination. when we had sex with others,it was great. we had this bond. eye contact, holding hands. it was great, we were on top of the world. how did you feel last night?-good. julian would look at me, and... i felt good. that's nice. you're beautiful. soft.

god, you're warm. sweet. honest. so beautiful. jesus. alex. i can't imagine my life without her. it'll be alright. maybe i should change. is it possible to change?

yes. it's possible. so what are our plans for tonight? -are you sure about that? timo will come around he's just having a bad day. i thought last night was hot. it was extraordinary. we fly solo on occasion. i'll have a talk with him. cute. cute?

sweet. a sweet girl. horrible glasses. i think it's touching. i see myself... and i get scared. of what? believing i'm no good, and i'm ugly. diana, that's nonsense -i know it is. but i was a child.

my sister karin. she looks angry. but angry is still better than sad. is it? i don't think they loved me very much. how is it possible,if you look at this picture? how can you not love her? it's alright. no, it's alex, a friend of the family.

sure, i'll tell them. hey, listen... shall we go? -sorry? for a ride, or a walk? put that down. let's go -what about diana and timo? they pass. diana's taking a bath and timo's reading the kama sutra. hey, look out, will you? is that better? how did you turn out this way?conceived by full moon?

here we go. oh god, no. don't -i am. so you can see that it's not half bad. i don't want you to. wait a second. this is a nice shot. nice. oh, nice. i like that.

do you trust diana? i saw diana with timo upstairs, and... you guys were gone long -it's beautiful here. alex wanted to see the area,so i took her to the woods. i wanted to see wild animals. i'll have to come back for the mating season. drinks anyone? -something strong. bitter lemon? -whiskey. i have tea -i'll have the same as timo. had a good time?

diana and i had a great time.right? it just goes to show how a day can change.this morning we were leaving. i was in a bad mood this morning. please forgive me if i was bit short with you this morning. there's nothing to forgivei'm just happy you're still here. i feel heavenly. need a hand? everything okay?-yes. think it'll happen tonight?

you're having fun right? now that were together at dinner, i think the time is ripe for a toast. to a great weekend...and the end of my life as a swinger. i've made a decision: i'm not doing it anymore. what is this? -i've supported you for years... but i don't want to share you anymore. i don't think this is our business -i want you here for the discussion. you don't know what you're saying you're going too far. i'm trying to tell you that i can't handle it anymore.

so you lied to me. and what about all the talks we had with others? any more lies? if this was just a game, how many more games are you playing? that's not fair -not fair? how do i know you're not pretending inother situations? no, darling, i.. -don't call me darling. sorry, guys, but this is making me feel uncomfortable... madam's uncomfortablewe've been listening to your crap... hey, that's enough!-jesus, alex.

sit down. nobody leaves the table until i say so. timo doesn't want to do it anymore. what are you going to do about it, alex? make him? maybe you should talk to him i thought you were the experts. i don't like this, you guys-what else could i have said? you wouldn't have stopped we see how much this means to you. and what does this mean to me? -that you need more than i can give. asshole.

you're acting like i'm to blame-no one is to blame. alexandra... you have no idea how much i loved you. when did this start? -some time ago. and this weekend was the last straw. you did your best to tell me something today. not a word out of you. what's your game? are you going to be laughing all the way home? you sounded a lot more convincing yesterday, timo. you and your big mouth telling us how it's done.

'talk about it...' 'reflection...' amateurs. alex locked herself in-good for her. we're leaving. it's just me out here.can i come in? he'll come around. he always does he'll come around again. if not... i'll just find myself another.

who's he kidding? i mean, my diary is filled with... names of men, who'd love to be in his shoes. what am i going to do? i'm lost. i, eh... this afternoon i did something that's not quite... which wasn't part of the deal. i went out with alex this afternoon...

and i'm not very happy... with how it went. i love you very much. i don't mind that. hi, mom. fine we're leaving shortly. that was my friend alex. with her husband timo. are you through?

men sexual desires,

i don't care, mom. there. did you have a nice weekend? -they can't all have such problems. impossible.

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