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car hire one way

rick: today we launched a new super -- two on your side. it will help you resolve issues or disputes. pat: a warning for people looking to make extra cash. some are using an app much like air being the to run up their cars.

things are wrong for thousand oaks man and he reached out to two on your side's kristine lazar and she's here now with more on that warning. reporter: it was a mess for him. on his web site the company said in bold print that you are covered if you rent out your

carpet the company promises to pay your claim quickly if something goes wrong. two on your side found that's not always the case. week after week adams said he has e-mailed or called the customer service department for a company called turow and we

got someone on the line he was told they'd call him back. after this happened four or five times they said i've been told that now five times and i haven't received a phonecall. i don't believe anymore. reporter: touro is like a airbnb for cars.

car rentals by local hosts treat he signed up to rent out his 2014 white bmw. i just bought a new car. i had my old car and there was opportunity to potentially make $50 a day running it now. report of the first time he did it he said the experience was

seamless. the second and last time. you see the broken glass. reporter: it was a mess. they were broken bottles and cigarette loves and marijuana joints ashes. reporter: the car was returned after clearly being in an

accident. the front end was smashed. one tire was flat and the driver was nowhere to be found. he then left the car without the key. k. was understandably upset but not panic because when he signed up to use turow he said he

selected a plan with the most coverage. on the web site the premium plan that is advertised as covering physical damage up to $125,000. with the zero deductible and exterior wear and tear coverage. there was a scratch and there was a

car everything 100%. reporter: everything seemed to be running smoothly until he said the insurance adjuster told him his claman claim it to be sent back to the company for approval. weeks passed.

kay said when he called customer service he was told he had to speak with the claims department. naturally i would say okay great can i speak to someone that claims department. we don't have a way to transfer you.

they don't have phones. reporter: after waiting two months for results k. called to one your side we found this isn't the first time churro has had questions about its insurance coverage. back in 2013 churro, the city of new york ordered the company to

stop the working mistake calling the insurance it legal and in a quiet -- inadequate. two undersides reached out to touro based in san francisco to find out what the holdup is on kay's bmw. a the spokesperson issued a statement saying the normal

turnaround for a claim is one business day. the statement went on to say the situation wasn't unfortunate anomaly and does not represent our standard practices and service levels. several major insurance companies and some of them say

if you rent out your car through touro and don't contact them first your personal policy could be in jeopardy. the insurance information institute advises drivers to always check with their insurance first before they sign up to car share.

we do have good news to report. touro has assured us that they are now going to pay his claim in full and decay will finally get the bmw fixed because he certainly can't sell it like that. pat: i guess he won't be using touro again.

reporter: i think he will try to find money another way. pat: by the way we want to ask you can two on your side help

car hire one way
rent a car one way one such website, you e-mail us at two on your side that is with your problem running twitter users.

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car hire one way

rick: today we launched a new super -- two on your side. it will help you resolve issues or disputes. pat: a warning for people looking t...