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sexual longing

subbed by tata, ninja007, domogil, lizabetha & lisana. special thanks to mkcf_secretgarden. daddy i only wanted to help. please don't be mad at me. if grandma find out, she will be very mad.

sexual longing

if you don't tell grandma she won't find out. what is that water? orn.

if that phone that we found with wilai's, it belongs to saitarn. i think i know where pim is. thank you, colonel. nath, what game are you playing? this picture disappeared since pitsanu died. i took it from his hand. you were with him that night? could it be ...? right.

what are you doing here? finding evident to embarrass pimchanok. so she can't remain in entertainment. khun mathuroth hates her. i hate her too. i hate too. the bi-sexual like you. why did you kill pitsanu? if you don't try to re-open nam's case ... nobody need to die.

you. did you kill nam? i went after pat. because i feel that your relationship with nam is more than a neighbor. i warned you to stay away from nam. but you didn't listen. you get hurt. the more you tried to dig about nam. you deserve to die.

nam is a dirty woman. she doesn't deserve. she is not good enough for my brother. are you certain that nath bring pim here? series killers. they have repeated behavior. that means ... you killed kornkanok. and you hurt wilai. is that right?

kornkanok took pat away from me. just like nam. pat. what are you doing? wilai knew that i switched the poisonous lipstick for you. those two. deserve to die. i can't believe. you are this cruel. i..

can do anything. to get rid of people like you. but ... but ... you had been my good friend ... all this time. but i hate you. i hate you. nath. everybody loves you. quick temper & self center woman like you.

on the other hand ... a good person like me. without you. pimchanok. everybody will be pay attention with me. lieutenant natee. lieutenant natee will fall in love with me. let me go. i will give you a taste of suffering.

before you die. don't. run away. help. you won't escape from me. spread out and search. yes, sir. search. this way, tiger.

picture of pim & nam. drug. nobody here. those two must be near. tell everybody. spread out & search thoroughly. come out now. i know that you're here. tiger.

let's separate & search. i will go this way. come out. pim. killing you. it's more enjoyable than killing nam. you should be happy. finally. you will get to meet your dear sister.

even if i die... it won't change the truth. what truth? the truth is ... everybody loves me. and everybody hates you. don't, nath. lieutenant. lieutenant put the knife down.

i didn't do it. i didn't kill anybody. i khun nath. calm down. if you didn't kill anybody, no need to fear. i will find a way to help you. trust me. give me the knife.

please. you're lying nath. don't. look after khun pim. don't follow me. don't come any closer. don't come near. i'm here to help you. that's not true.

you always lied to me. you love pim. but you pretend to be nice to me, to help her. i'm your friend. i don't need a friend. am i not good enough? why can't you love me? move away. please listen to me.

the sentence will become lighter. don't bother me. give me your hand. nath you're too cruel murderer. nam & i we will get married. congratulation.

thank you, p'nath. for loving me & be kind to me. i'm not good enough for you. because of my bad past. i don't care about the past. no matter what. why do you want to see me here? you must get out of pat's life. nam.

stop it. stop. p'nath. please don't hurt me. i'm scared. pat is my brother & i love him. i had been with pat since i was young. low woman like you. you don't have the right to take pat away from me.

you must die. please stop circling. i'm getting dizzy. please save pim. how is pim? pim was force into taking drug. the doctor is trying to save her. how about nathkamol? the doctor is here. doctor.

how it pim? pimchanok is fine now. sathu (blessing). thank you, angel. for saving my angel. i will dance non-stop for days. this is the hospital. nurse. is khun nath safe yet?

the doctor found some infection in her brain. goodness. what infection? p'pim. nam. where are you? khun pim. hello welcome to my world. hey.

are you looking for my lieutenant? i'm not that important. how can that be? he was here all night, watching after you. plus ... he just left for work this morning. i can confirm. how about ... nath?

i will bring you some water. brain surgery went well. but her brain received too much damage. she is a sleeping beauty now. it will be a miracle for her to wake up again. all our evident. khun nath was the one, who threat khun pim. and she killed saitarn, kornkanok. and pitsanu.

and she tried to kill wilai. but there is no evident that nath hire any gunman to hurt pim. if that's the case, the person behind pim's assassination. there are more than one person. if that's the case, khun pim is not safe yet. i will send satra. to look after khun pimchanok's case until it close. as for lieutenant. look after the international drug case.

colonel. can i finish off khun pim's case? there is nothing complex with khun pim's case. crime stopper like you. it's better that you show off your skill at international level. we must wait until khun nath wake up. before we can get any statement from her. if that's the case. send men to watch her 24/7.

just in case, the suspect try to escape. what about lawyer asking us to release pipat on bail, to get seek medical help on his mental stage? keep close eyes on his progress. and send me the report. if you miss someone, just go see her. i'm thinking about the new assignment. don't be too much. a woman like khun pim is not easy to find. you also like her. isn't that right?

i live in the real world. i can see that you & khun pim are in love. i'm not good enough for her. separation by class already ended long ago. he's here. personal nurse. our trouble maker crime stopper. i'll arrange it for you. khun danai? today, the weather is nice.

you should feel better. i can walk by myself. why do i need to be in wheelchair? you're still weak. have a seat & relax. paa san can take care of me. please allow me to take care of you. i'm here to visit pimchanok. if you have anything to talk to me, just say it quickly.

that day, i didn't finish telling you the story yet. a fiction to lure a woman? i said ... you love one woman very much. 25 years ago. but you left her. because of your selfishness & your greed. that woman. her name is paka.

have some snack. i will go look after the children. thank you. i hired an investigator to search for paka for months. i found out that paka went to stay with mae somjai at ban sang prateep. paka died after she gave birth. mae somjai took care of her baby. i had been watching my child from a distance. and i sent money to support ban sang prateep all this time.

she is here. here. this is your new parent. sawatdee ka. sawatdee, dear. i recommended one of my respected sister to adopt my child. she is happy to. and she love that child like her own. in the last 25 years.

i feel guilty. and i was suffering. i'm unable. to take care of my child & my wife. but today. dad is asking to pay for my sin. dad will take care of pim. until my last breath. dad?

you're not my father. i asked mae somjai. to keep it a secret. knowing it now. it doesn't help. your feeling of guilt. it doesn't reach me. it's too late. to be digging the past.

i don't have a father. and i won't have any forever. noo pim. no. i won't listen to anything. - listen to dad. - get out. i don't want to see your face. this is why. you're so worried about her.

mathuroth. khun danai took pim out for a walk. i was wondering. why do i hate you so much? after i know that you're paka's daughter. i hate you even more. clear it up between yourselves. i don't want to know anything about you two. come here.

where are you going? don't do anything crazy. if you come any closer, i'll shoot. you made me fell in love with you. and you hurt my feeling. you hurt me. i'll make you lose your daughter. daughter? what do you mean? come. don't, khun mathuroth.

stop making trouble. if you hurt khun pim ... you will become a killer. i don't have any fear. it's enough to see her die. how can i marry a cruel person like you? if i'm cruel... it's because you're bad. you married me.

for business gain. one woman after another. hurting my feeling. if i knew that pim is your daughter. i won't hire man just to threat her. i will kill her. wait. you were the one, hiring gunman to hurt pim? shoot me. don't hurt my daughter.

if i cannot be happy ... don't dream of any happiness. - are you alright? - move away. move away. i'm telling you. move. it's time for me to pay for my sin. shoot me. move move, khun danai.

i'm telling you to move. why? why why do i have to love you? real life is more dramatic than lakorn. khun danai find way to get close to khun pim. because he want to repay for his sin. if it's me. it will be difficult too.

but blood cannot be separated. it needs time. so ... what is khun mathuroth's penalty? her father sent a lawyer to bail her out. they will defend in court. yey. case close. p'tee doesn't have to be pim's personal bodyguard anymore. yes. that's right.

what happen? why are you looking strange? are you sulking? crazy. i'm not sulking. his head is down. are you jealous? why would i be jealous of you? that's right.

a brother won't get jealous at his sister. brother won't get jealous at sister. why is your face like that? jaa pook. jaa soi. thank you for remembering my name. nam came back. after her adopted parents passed away. but she asked me, not to tell you about her. because she doesn't want you to lose your reputation.

to have a sister as sideline woman. no matter what nam is like. i'll never reject her. she doesn't want your bright future to be stained. how about your father? he is only one selfish man. nobody can escape from their own background. even if your father is not good, but he's still your father. like a buddha in our home. good bye for now.

i will come to visit again. sawatdee ja. sawatdee, aunty what a co-incident? khun charlee called me. he said there is an urgent matter that need my help. where is jae? pim, how are you going home? i will drop her off.

i'm leaving now. sawatdee krub. i'm sorry. for leaving you in danger. thank you for saving me. as your duty. the things that i said that day. i have lots of thing to do & think about. i already forgot.

but you will never forget about your father. i don't have any father. the more you try to forget. the more you will remember. painful past. it's not to torture yourself. you're not me. you will never understand. to live.

that's the most valuable gift. even if khun danai didn't raise you up. but he gave your life. but he left me & my mother. because of his selfishness. and he caused mother & nam to die. i will never forgive him. but if you feel like this ... in the end.

you will regret it. my job as a bodyguard is done. good luck, pim. *don't want to lie to myself *keep telling myself. must close my heart. *it's wrong to think about it. cannot even dream *the closer we are *the more i need to control my heart. * cannot love you.

*i don't know why. *i can never do it. *no matter how much i love... *it's wrong to think about it. *cannot even dream *cannot love you. *no matter how much i love, nobody will feel touch. *no matter how longing. nobody will feel it. *the dust, blown by the wind.

*it's worthless. *must understand my position. *not dare to love you. *the dust, blown by the wind. it's worthless. *no matter how much i love *nobody will feel touch. *no matter how longing. *nobody will feel it. lieutenant natee is on vacation?

do you have any business with him? i just happen to pass by. so i bring some snack for everybody. pretty & kind. nong orn. - what is it? - p'suer. p'suer. the cake is so big. and you're denying?

it's not important. no matter how big. you won't see it. did you make it? is it for me? but it won't be as good as khun pim's luxurious snack. what is funny? khun pim bought some snack. and she wants to thanks you. for identifying the bad guy.

so what? why are you jealous? i'm not jealous. it's just that ... thank you for feeling for me. you're the only one who understand me the most. you knew? i know my own heart. how about you?

do you know your own heart? do you want to eat? it's for you. you eat it. darn. taking turn. fine. look at my cake. all ruined.

is that a tiger? is it a cat? it's orange. it's a tiger. but there is no strip. that's the tail. it's nothing like a tiger. yes, it's tiger. is tiger red? a target is to hit. if you miss a man, just jump toward him.

i don't know where he is. you're brave. you admit it. how about this? send line. send whatapp. send sms. send email. use facebook. anything.

he left all electric device at home. unable to contact him. maybe. he want to be alone. and have some peace. what is it? it's pim. it's me. me.

why are you here? to find a simple life. that i can experience. your world is not here. just go back. i will show you. see? just digging & removing grass. i can do it easily.

see? no. i just planted those. eh? is that right? i didn't mean it. i didn't know. i won't be a burden for you. you will forgive me. pim

i'm here. i don't know. your nose, what? everywhere. for laughing at me. sure. crazy guy. are you crazy?

pathetic. i'm crazy. crazy to i love you. just now. did you say, you love me? you're not mad at me anymore, right? hey. you're not mad at me anymore, right? i gave in since i saw you. tricky.

i want to know, how you will handle it. i'm here to prove. our different is not an obstacle. don't try to advise me. i can make decision. who should be in my life. you're so cute. - i have more. - hey. enough. not stopping? reconcile.

is it eatable? yes, it's eatable. i already tried my best. enough. braid face. enough. pimchanok is your daughter? that's the reason that i get close to her. and do anything to protect her. i almost hurt my own niece.

because of my evil. i'm awful. you didn't know. no need to blame yourself now. does pimchanok understand you now? i left my own daughter & my wife. no wonder. she doesn't accept a selfish man like me as her father. - take some medication. - just a little. - take medication & sleep. - i don't want it that's alright. take a nap. get some sleep.

calm down. get some sleep. get some sleep. take some rest. - p'pim. i love you. please marry me. - calm down. p'pim. let me go. physiatrist told us. pipit is starting to lose ability to recognize people. his condition is a mix of losing self-control & depression. they are giving him sleeping pills. khun pat got controlled by khun nath since young. he's a depressed person.

but nath loves pipat very much. how come? nath is very protective & lose control if she lose something. why don't you say? nath have history mental sickness oversea. eh? nath is mental sick? goodness. look at how they dress. that's not good. not lady like at all. look. khun nath got raised as proper lady with old method.

so she keep to herself. she fear to show her feeling like modern woman. you must be a proper lady. because your father is a diplomat. you cannot misbehave. look. don't be like them. her reputation as princess of entertainment. she must always keep her image clean. she's very stressful & depress. you're as good as i expected.

excuse me. all this time, nath put up a fake image, which seem so real. nobody notice that she has mental sickness. all this violent. it's her doing. we didn't expect her to come up with such seamless plan. but nath loves you very much. because you fill her life with cheerfulness. but if she doesn't know how to love ... it will turn into sadness.

let bygone be bygone. let all hate & vengeance end here. when nath recover, she will be punished by law. excuse me. tiger is calling. sompob confess for every charge? how about mati? no matter what. you're my best friend. i hate you. you must die. nath. let me go. what are you doing?

- are you mad? - die. you stole lieutenant from me. you must die. are you mad? - don't. - pim. - don't, nath. - stop it. - nath. nath. - khun danai. stay calm. doctor. how is he? he lost a lot of blood. but he out of danger now.

thank you, doctor. everything is fine now. wait. where are you going? going home. you not going to wait for your father's condition? i mean khun danai. it's good that he's fine now. i don't have to feel guilty. for causing him to die.

sawatdee krub. thank you for coming. - sawatdee ka. - sawatdee ka. sorry for your lost. if there is anything i can help, please tell me. thank you, pim. for telling the media that nath die because of an accident. nath gave lots of happiness to viewers with her work. i want everybody to remember only good things. thank you very much. please come inside.

- what? - feeling sorry for nath. too bad. nath is well rested now. only us left. continue to pay for our sin. working together. it feels sad. khun pim. can i talk to you? yes. khun nath kept nam's ash. she thought that she can lock up nam spirit from moving on. is that why nam come to see me? it's my fault.

i didn't tell anybody. until so many damage happened. nath died because of me. it already the past. don't worry about it. hot news today. actress gather to expose the truth. sompob & mati used their power. to lure many girls and sexual assault them. to exchange for opportunity in entertainment. is this case related to their charge for prostitution & human illegal trade?

we will continue to follow up with this case. will khun danai get in trouble too? khun danai is only a playboy. he's not evil like his brother. pim. rose told me that khun danai had been discharged from hospital. aren't you going to visit him? khun roth. - what are you doing? - let me go. - why do you have suicidal though? - let go. i don't have anybody left.

i'm still here with you. i'm not going anywhere. but you do not love me. we can be good friend forever. welcome relative & friend of miss saitarn prasertworakarn. for bring her remains & ash for final prayer today. now, boat # 713 is leaving to dock. heading to the location to send her remains & ash to the ocean. thank you, p'pim.

where are you? good bye. pim. you already did your best for nam. everything in this world changes with time. don't use bad past to change today. if i meet nam sooner, she won't die. nobody can fix the past. but we canĂ¢€™t make today better. by forgive the people who are still alive.

what is it, lieutenant? sawatdee krub, colonel. i bring p'suer to greet you, dad. he just did. i ... i ... i ... i ... i ... - just say it. - can i have permission to date nong orn? i know that colonel love nong orn very much. i want to be make everything formal.

such as? telling you about it. i understand your manliness. you're not mad at p'suer? why should i be mad? i love you within reason. having a good person to take care of you. i'm relieved. i promise. i'll take care of nong orn with my life. do your best.

someone will spoil me now. listen to colonel. please allow mother's spirit & nam's spirit to rest in peace. no. you do it first. will you do it? i will kill you. now what? hurry up. good boy. are you satisfied now?

it's everywhere. khun. crazy. be gentle. they are not eating. eat a lot. why did you bring me here? i want you to be happy. over there. you lied to me.

wait, pim. listen to me. you never lose your parents like me. you don't know how worthy it is to meet your parent again. after our parents died... hugging their body is not any good. because they can't feel it. even if you buy something for them. it's useless because they can't use it.

you can ask for forgiveness. but they can't wake up & forgive you. you still have a chance. dad is here to practice the dharma. to send merit for paka. and anybody that i hurt. can you tell me about mother? paka is a beautiful woman like you. she is talented ... and strong.

you look like your mother very much. i feel ashamed for what i did in the past. it already the past. we cannot go back in time. all the mistreatment to you and your mother. paka probably want you to keep this necklace. as her memory. thank you, dad. can dad hug you, dear? i'm sorry, dad.

that's okay. i never get mad at you. no matter what. you're still your mother's pim. the only woman that i love whole heartedly. thank you very much. for helping me reconcile with my father. i just want you to be happy. i promised to mom & nam. from now on, i will live my life to the fullest everyday. and make it meaningful for people that i love.

and? am i one of those people? if you're not, why would i went to make up with you? why did you? because of love. what was that? say it louder. it's very windy. i can't hear anything. i love you. hey. i really cannot hear you.

there. still clumsy as usual. ouch. you must take responsibility. - what? - carry me. - carry you again? - it hurts. think about it. how many times did i carry you? altogether. the weight that i carry you, it combines to one ton. braid face. bad mouth non-stop. i'm saying the truth.

will you carry me or not? nope. how about piggy back ride? i cannot carry you anymore. fine. piggy back ride is fine. okay. a reward. my reward for riding my back. no. a ride first.

reward first. a ride first. fine. after a ride, then a reward. okay? 1 ... ouch. i didn't finish counting yet. hey, you. i promise. i will live the rest life ... to love my nang rai tee rak (my lovely nang rai) forever. let's go.

don't shake. which way? let's go this way.

sexual longing,*the more i need to control my heart. cannot love you. *i don't know why i can never do it. *the dust, blown by the wind. it's worthless. *don't dare to love you.

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